Namaskar and welcome


This project – Supporting Acarya Training, is an idea that Baba gave to me. Its something positive for AM that I can do, and invite others to participate in. Baba says, if you think of something good, do it immediately, don’t put it off. So, thats what I am doing, taking action.

My vision is the development of a curriculum for Acarya training that is practical, comprehensive, and properly prepares trainee for the life of being an acarya. I think this will contribute to the wellbeing of workers in the field, the health of their projects, the impact on margiis, and on AM as a whole.

My motivation stems from several sources.

  • I am quite passionate about education – I founded a post graduate school which trained Gestalt therapists over a 4 year period.
  • I see acaryas struggle because they have not been properly prepared by their training
  • I think that one significant element of an improvement in the quality of operation of AM is the knowledge and skill of acaryas, in their position of leadership.
  • I think that given the current troubles, we need as many positive projects as possible, which can bring people together in the common interest of the development of AM

I am not aligned with any particular AM organisation. Thats a political position in itself, I am well aware of. But I have little time or interest for the various politics within AM. My focus is practical, and I look for places to make a positive contribution. So don’t try to look further for any political agendas in this project. My agenda is clear – the improvement of acarya education. My bias comes from the fact I have been a therapist for three decades.

I have been a margii for four decades, so I have seen many stages of the organisation. I am still a margii because I love Baba, love the ideology, and believe that it is an important contribution to humanity.

Thats enough about me. Over to you.

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I only have one rule here – no flaming. Constructive comments are welcome. Robust debate is encouraged. But personal attacks will lead to the ability to contribute to the page being blocked.

I am looking for your opinions. For your resources. Your knowledge. Your willingness to contribute to topics which interest you. I am looking for your input in these formative stages, and then as these ideas get manifested in the training centres.

I want to get contributions of not only ideas but also resources. So any training centre can take the curriculum that is being developed, and apply it, using the resources that are gathered. Knowledge and information that is free to all.