For each topic, here are some questions to respond to:

  • What do you think of this topic
  • What issues are relevant to acarya education in this sphere
  • What skills are required, and how do you think they can be taught
  • What are your specific suggestions
  • Do you have knowledge or experience of any particular resources that would support this learning process, and can you contribute something concrete in this regards
  • How much time should be spent learning in this area
  • Do you have some anecdotes about your own experience which would be useful to contribute to this topic
  • Do you have knowledge or skills which you would be happy to share

Content areas for units to be taught to acaryas

Part A – spiritual training: 6 - 12 months


Spiritual philosophy

There are core components of AM spiritual philosophy which are obviously essential to acarya training. But learning philosophy is more than simply being able to repeat concepts, phrases, words and slokas.

This deeper digestion comes through asking penetrating questions, interrogating the ideas rather than just repeating them, looking for real life applications, and relating to personal experience.

Spiritual development

Development of a devotional core

This is clearly the heart of acarya training, in the first phase.

What is the collected wisdom, over 50 years of acarya training, as to what enhances this process

There are pitfalls in any intensive spiritual training process, what are they, and how to deal with them

Deeper understanding of sadhana, the lessons

Some acaryas teach the lessons in a very basic way. Others develop a sophisticated and in depth understanding of each lesson. Can such more advanced knowledge be passed on?


What are the best ways for this to be studied


What are the best ways for this to be studied


What are the best ways for this to be studied

Acarya Rules

What are the best ways for this to be studied



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